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Here I Am Lord Psalm 40 by Bill Monaghan LYRIC

Our Parish Mission Statement

We are a faith community, guided by the Holy Spirit, seeking to evangelize by creating a community where all are welcome, proclaiming the Word of God, nourished by the Holy Eucharist and strengthened by the other Sacraments.  We share in the power and love of Jesus Christ through word and example and pray for and encourage all Christian vocations.

Pastor Emeritus of our Parish Community went home to the Lord on 4/23/2016 

The Final Chapter: The Winter/Summer Mass Schedule

       The shortage of priests to help with our weekend Mass schedule left several vacancies in our February Mass schedule, that prompted your priest to eliminate the Saturday 4:00PM Mass at St. Mary's and the Sunday 8:00AM Mass at St. Thomas More.  A petition containing names from St. Mary's has given cause for YP to reconsider.  As he has mentioned from the altar several times, the most important thing we do in our parish is to worship God. Slimming down the number of Masses on the weekend seems contrary to that value, especially when members of the parish seem so intent on enjoying the privilege of attending Mass as they have for years. So, both Masses will be reinstated in a way that enables YP to say them all, without the help of an outside priest.
         Beginning the weekend of 4-5 February, the Saturday Mass at St. Mary's will begin at 5:30PM.  The Sunday 8:00AM Mass will be a 'quiet' Mass, that is without music, which will facilitate an easier transition for YP to get to the next Mass.  This is it.  No more changes.
No 'Summer Schedule', no 'Winter Schedule'.  This is our 'Yearly' schedule.  From this point forward, you may you may see a retired priest taking a Mass here or there, but should outside help not be available, YP will be able to cover the weekend schedule. 

               Saturday Confessions 
ST. THOMAS MORE    3:00 pm to 3:30 pm Saturday                        or appointment with Father Steve              





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